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Destinations - ABERDEEN

Built on the North Sea Coast, Aberdeen subtly mixed a rich historical heritage and a dynamic economic activity. If we can do shopping on our free time or we can admire its port resources, we can not forget the history that has carved the walls of Aberdeen.

1. About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populated city in Scotland, and one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland. It has a population estimated at 200,000 inhabitants.The city has a long and sandy coastline.Since the discovery of North Sea oil deposit in the 70 other nicknames were given to the City : Oil Capital of Europe or the Energy Capital of Europe.

2. History

It is unknown the exact date when the city was founded, but it is known that St. Machar founded here a celtic chapel in the sixth century and that there has the residence of Alexander the First in the XI century.The famous bridge over the River Don was started in 1285 but was completed only in 1320. After townspeople have supported Robert the Bruce in the War of Independence in the early fourteenth century, they were rewarded with areas of hunting and emblazoned with the motto "Bon Accord". The architects Archibald Simpson and John Smith created the unmistakable character of the city, constructing administrative buildings and houses made of local granite.

3. Official language


4. The official currency


5. What you can visit in Aberdeen

More than three hundred castles that are found in and around the city testify to the importance it had in that period. Since Balmoral Castle on Royal Deeside who became in time the favorite place for elders to spend their aging and Continuing with the Craigievar Craigievar that inspired Walt Disney to create thedrawings for his cartoons, you will forget the century from where you came.If you are in search of tranquility, the city is dotted with medieval or Renaissance cathedrals, where the weary traveler will find shelter before resuming the road.

6.Where and what to eat in Aberdeen

The city is overflowing with restaurants that make Aberdeen a destination dreamed up by gourmets. Want to discover small specialisms of the local cuisine?The generous Sea offers fish and seafood of all kinds. However, fans will able to taste delicious meat or scottish beef sausage. Some famous brands are preparing their tasty specialties using only seasonal products such as Café 52 where we recommend the famous "black pudding salad", blood sausage salad that eats the Scots at any time of day!

7. How to get to the Aberdeen airport

Aberdeen Airport- which serves domestic and international routes is located in Dyce, 11 km west of downtown on the A96 (Inverness). First Aberdeen bus 27 runs between the airport terminal and Union Street in Aberdeen city center. Buses run frequently during rush hours, rarely in the afternoon and evening. The journey takes about 40 minutes.

8. Low cost flights to Aberdeen

Aberdeen is easily reached from other parts of Britain and Europe. British Airways, BMI / British Midland, easyJet and KLM UKIt offers flights between Aberdeen and most large UK airports.Using our searching engine you can perform more searches and thereby you can analyze the prices for flights to Aberdeen.Therefore you can benefit of the best prices and also we can provide the alternative with combined flights to Aberdeen, and in this way you can benefit of cheaper flights as well.

9. When to visit Aberdeen

The most suitable time to visit this city is the first Saturday of September to not miss the games of Braemar, Higlands Games which celebrates the Scottish culture. The bagpipes will ring and these gentlemen will dance dressed in Scottish kilts to delight everyone and everything in the queen's presence.

10. Hotels and accommodation in Aberdeen

Between possibilities of accommodation, we recommend:
  • Thstle Aberdeen Caledonia Gotel,generally considered the best in Aberdeen, this hotel in downtown offers panoramic views over the city gardens. The large rooms are decorated with dark wood furniture and chintz curtains and bedspreads.
  • Atholl Hotel , with its many towers, this hotel from granite reminds of a bygone era, being in the middle of a residential area in the west. Rooms are decorated in rich colors, dark , and the rooms located on the ground floor are more spacious.
Also in our search platform roju.com you can find other search options, depending on your requirements.

11.Representative of Aberdeen

Who says Scotland, says Whisky ...We're talking about an ancestral tradition, laborious and diversified. Indeed, the region's Aberdeen are many distilleries that still use the original methods of producing whiskey. From pure malt in pure malt, you follow the instinct and you will educate your palate to finally find your favorite flavor.
Roju wishes you a pleasant journey in Aberdeen –called "the border town or the Grey city ", referring to the rock representing the first buildings and the city with golden sand ...